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São Vicente & Santo Antão

Your Cabo Verde Island Experience

Local specialist of São Vicente and Santo Antão, planning travel to all 10 of our beautiful, unique Islands

São Vicente
Cultural Capital of Cabo Verde

If you’re looking to explore a truly unique place, Visit the Island of São Vicente. The Cosmopolitan City of Mindelo is vibrant and full of life, day and night, with its breathtaking arid landscape, rugged mountains with oasis valleys, tranquil villages and stunning coastal beaches, it is a MUST VISIT Island!
Cultural Capital
Home of: Musical Artists, Cesaria Évora & Bana ~ Queen and King of Morna.
BEST Carnaval, BEST Music Festival (Baia das Gatas), Sahara Sand Dunes, Volcanic black sandy beaches, Laginha Beach, Monte Verde, Markets, Museums, Nightlife, Restaurants, Artists, and Musicians.

São Vicente, Mindelo, Monte Cara, Porto Grande, Lighthouse, The Rock in the Middle of the Ocean...


Santo Antão
Island of the Mountains

Step into an absolute paradise with breathtaking views of green mountain peaks, and luscious green valleys, farming way of life, and its warm people living a simple hardworking life. Taste locally grown fruits and vegetables, also visit the famous sugar cane rum distillery and have a taste.
Let us guide you throughout this majestic Island, share with you unforgettable moments, and connect with its people, simple lifestyle, and nature.


Travel Planning and Island Packages
Cabo Verde

Smooth planning, let us take care of every aspect of your trip to Cabo Verde. Schedule your vacation planning call on WhatsApp +238 977 09 14, Messenger @greenlinetourscv, or video call to talk about your plans.

São Vicente & Santo Antão: Tours
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